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The Six Starred Scepter Campaign

Victory Conditions: Assemble the Six Starred Scepter by finding all its pieces and assembling it or hiding it away. If no one completes the scepter at the end of the campaign the warband with the most victory points wins by laying claim to the remains of Mordheim.

Basic Mechanics: The members of your warband allow you to attack, defend, search and more. They are your most valuable resource so use them wisely.


1. Rest: Sometimes the warband is unable to press on or is simply too busy with other affairs and therefore must rest. No movement is allowed but instead advance the day by one. This is always resolved prior to the movement phase.

2. Scout: If a member of the warband was engaged in a scout action he returns with news on the movements of the rival warband. The scout rolls 1d6 (plus alertness) vs 1d6 (plus the lowest agility or intelligence of the rival warband). The defender may decide which statistic they wish to use. If successful the scout returns with news of where the other warband intends to move. They may then change one of their own movement actions if they wish.

3. Movement/Attacking: Mordheim is a dangerous place therefore the wise travel in groups. In order to move into a new area you must have at least one leader and at least three minions/heroes. All of whom are committed to the movement. They cannot be part of another move action nor can they be used for another task. You may move into any area adjacent to those you already control.

If the area is already claimed by another warband, that warband must either retreat or defend. If they retreat the territory is claimed without combat. If they defend a match must take place and the winner gains the territory.

In the case of unclaimed areas the attacker faces an NPC warband selected using the the single player campaign. The scouting function may used to find new opponents.

4. Special Actions: Any member of the warband who has not taken part in a move or a defend action may perform one of the following special actions.
Deal: Allows the warband member to negotiate with any citizens of Mordheim within areas they control.
Scout: The member is sent off to spy on enemy movements allowing for an opportunity to change plans in the next round of play.
Search: The member is dispatched to search for one of the seven pieces of the scepter. They may only search within areas they control.
Shop: One member is given a list of items he is to purchase or any gear the leader wishes sold and is sent off to the market. That warband may use the shop option this turn.

5. Plan:At anytime after a warband has resolved all of its attack, defend and special actions they are too submit their actions for the next round by sending them to EMAIL@EMAIL.COM. This must be done by the midnight on Saturday.

1. Black Pit Settlement (2 P)

The most brutal of all encampments, is home of the most cruel of all human decadence shows; the gladiatorial pits. Not only this, but it is rumored that the Shadow Lord himself roams its streets and it is common to see Necromancers, mutants, Possessed and even Rat-Men in its streets.

Deal: Rumors in the Pit: Controller rolls 1d6. 1 – 2 Member attacked and can take no action next turn. 3 – 4 Nothing happens. 5 – 6 Warband may add +1 to next search roll.

2. Brigandsburg (2 P)

Brigandsburg tends to house the more unsavory characters. Middenheimers abound here as do Witch Hunters. Some Reiklanders set up camp here and very few Marienburgers (after all it is too filthy for them). The Sisters have a presence here but it is only a safe house. Possessed are a rare site but do appear at times.

Deal at the Blackmarket: Controller rolls 1d8. 1 – 2 Markets closed. No effect. 3 – 8 Meet me round the way friend. Warband is paid a visit by a shady merchant and is granted a free shop action next turn.

3. Cemetery of St. Voller (0 P)

The Priests of Morr did their best to keep up with rising tide of the dead. The furthest areas of the Cemetery were the first to be filled. All of their toiling was for naught. This was the location where the Necromancer Marius Dire, began his grisly work and slowly began to bring the executed back to life. If he was able to finish his hideous work, no one knows. He has not been seen or heard from since the last horde of wandering zombies was sighted heading east.

Search Crypts: Member may make a search action as long as their leadership is 6 or higher. 1 The dead claim you. Death! 2 -10 Nothing. 11 Ghostly Whispers. +1 to next search attempt in cemetery (cumulative until found). 12 Artifact.

4. City Hall & Constabulary (2 P)

The former Mordheim Constabulary was based here. This was a different branch of the Military arm of the city. The Constabulary would do the dirty work that the Guards of the Barracks were exempt from. This would include keeping the Black-market in check whenever possible, and to prevent behind the scenes actions interrupting the Count’s rulings. In this building was housed many secrets of every inhabitant in Mordheim. The Town Guard was the muscle while officers of the Constabulary were the brains.

5. Clock Tower (1 P)

The Clock Tower of Elector Count von Guyen was a gift from the city of Altdorf. The tower would ring the bells signaling the birth of Princes and Princess among other royal occasions. The tower is the tallest structure in the city itself and, for the most part, is still standing. This tower allows an unobstructed view of the entire city. Once the trademark of the market town, now desperate men (and worse) fight and die over its ruined landscape.

Scout actions automatically succeed.

6. Common Neighborhood (1 P)

This is a common residential area. Most of the inhabitants where ill prepared for Sigmar’s Judgment, so they had to leave most of their few valuables behind. The ruins are in a decrepit state, and wandering in this area is very dangerous. Anyone visiting this area could rescue trapped family members, heirlooms and other valuables.

7. Count Steinhardt’s Palace (3 P)

This once ostentatious palace is now but a ruin and its walls no longer manned by brave and loyal men-at arms but by things of a far fouler breed, things best left unnamed…

Attacker rolls for monster, 1 – 3 Monster is present. 4 – 10 Nothing happens.

8. Crimson Lights

Where it was once possible to purchase more than just ale and stew. Also where the Thieves Guild is still to be found. The gaudy signs and colorful silk and satin interior decoration now contrast strongly with the dusty grey of the rubble.

Deal: 1 – 2 Kidnapped. A random member of your warband is kidnapped and can do nothing until another member is used to rescue them. Simply requiring an action to do so. 3 – 4 The guild sells your movements to the warband with the most gold, allowing them a free scout action against you next turn.. (Auto succeeds). 5 – 8 We hear things. Add two to your next search roll. 9 – 10 The guild agrees to search for you. Take a free search action next turn in any area regardless of who controls it. 11 – 12 Kidnapped II. Select a rival warband. That warband must roll randomly to determine which member of their warband is kidnapped. That member can do nothing until a rescue action is used.

9. Cutthroat’s Haven (2 P)

The most infamous and thrice cursed of all the encampments is the home of the scum of the land. Evil and unsavory characters walk on the area without fear, as if they own it … and they probably do! Anyone with gold is allowed in and those without tend to find their hands in other people’s pockets. In Cutthroat’s Haven (if you can call it a haven) possessed walking the streets is a common site, as are undead and even Skaven. Fights break out routinely and only the most daring or stupid of merchants sell their wares here. It is said, "Anything can be bought for a price in the Cutthroat’s Haven!”

Deal: 1 Two members of your warband are killed. 7 – 8 Two members of your warband are attacked and can do nothing next round. 9 Old map. Add two to your next search roll. 10 Hire an assassin. A rival warband must kill one of its members.

10. Executioners’ Square (1 P)

Before the comet hit, facing exorbitant taxes, the good people of Mordheim became desperate and crime began to escalate. As The Gaol became full with petty criminals, public executions seem like a good measure of determent. Farther than that, the public sadistic tendencies created this as entertainment ventures, and soon the city started charging fees for those attending the macabre spectacles. Further more, the executions became increasingly gruesome and cruel. When the disaster struck, a record crowd was gathered here to enjoy the execution of Gunther Griswald. This petty thief was condemned to be fed alive to stripper worms. Now it is rumored to be haunted by those who, unjustified, were tortured and executed here.

11. Great Library of Mordheim (1 P)

The Great Library of Mordheim has been a shining star in the Empire. Many ancient tomes regarding everything from unusual anatomies to old family recipes can be found here. When the rioting crowd reached the Library, many of the priceless tomes were either ruined or stolen, especially the entire Martha Steinhart (not related) on cooking series. Not all the books left behind were worthless though. Many of the books written in long dead languages were ignored and can still be found amongst the destroyed shelves.

Search: 1 Accidentally open a portal to the abyss. A monster appears during your next attack. 2 – 8 Unable to discern the writings. Nothing happens. 9 – 10 Add one to your next search roll. 11 Learn a demon’s true name. May treat a monster roll as passed at anytime in the future. May only do so once. Future rolls are treated as though a 12 was rolled. 12 Add three to your next search roll.

12. Halibut (2 P)

Located between the Great Library and the City Walls, this was formerly a predominantly Sigmarite residential area and also the only area that was left virtually intact

13. Herring (1 P)

Located near Raven Barracks, this used to be the Ulrican Quarter and where the Middenheimers, Ostlanders and Kislevites lived. Ulricans used to keep vicious guard dogs to discourage Sigmarite visitors. Now the area is abandoned and the effects of the Wyrdstone had mutated the dogs to an even higher level of horror

14. Imperial Armory (1 P)

In this former collection of buildings was located the Imperial Engineers of Mordheim and their Armory. Much of what was value has already been confiscated. Still, people have come out of Mordheim with weapons of tremendous power and unusual human design. The only place in Mordheim they could have come from is here at the Armory. There must be some secret rooms located in the basements.

Grants a free shop action each turn to the controller. May only be used to purchase weapons.

15. Imperial Stables (1 P)

Once the home of the finest of horses outside of Araby, the Emperor’s own horses were once raised here in Mordheim. Count Steinhardt spent lavishly on the stables. The horses were equipped with the finest leather saddles and ate the finest oats. In the last days of Mordheim, the Count unleashed his mounted troops on the people. They were able to clear entire streets at a time until the townsfolk eventually brought down the mounted knights.

16. Inventors

Located north of The Gaol, this is where the engineers and scholars lived, many libraries, workshops, apothecaries and small colleges once stood. Now the area is abandoned and the inventions and knowledge there spawned, now lays corrupt waiting for its next victim.

Search: 1 – 3 All that noise attracts a rival warband to investigate. Attacked by an NPC warband and must resolve combat before the next round. Retreat is not an option. 4 – 8 Nothing happens. 9 Clues found. Add one to your next search roll. 10 Artifact discovered.

17. Market Square (1 P)

The center of Mordheim’s commerce, the Market Square sold anything that was available to the Empire. Fine wines from Bretonnia, soft silks from Tilea, and warm furs from Kislev. Everything could be found here, if you knew whom to ask. Now, the only thing one could surely find within is a horrible death

Attacker rolls for monster. 1 Monster appears. 9 – 10 Nothing happens.

18. Merchant’s Quarters (1 P)

The fat moneylenders had to live somewhere, where better than near the Barracks. Everyone knows the Merchant’s kept the valuable items at their own homes. The problem was nobody could get them when the entire Town Guard was house across the street.

Search: 1 – 2 Cave In traps member for two rounds. 3 – 8 Nothing discovered. 9 Treasure! Add two to your next deal action. 10 Artifact discovered.

19. Metal Workers (2 P)

Part of the Rich Quarter, this is where the metals workers lived and worked. This busy district also housed a small Dwarf community.

20. Mordheim Breweries (1 P)

Not long before the fall of the comet, local breweries were all the rage. Mordheim had a special ale called Serpent’s Bile that could rival Bugman’s Brew in taste and efficacy. Every Dwarf knew this brew must have come from a fellow dwarf, but who would give their secret to the humans? There are some who would pay a dear price for the recipe of Serpent’s Bile. The Dwarf’s would like to prevent that.

Search: 1 Celebration! Entire warband consumes far too much alcohol. No movement allowed next turn. 2 Random warband member becomes an alcoholic. From now on all advancement for said warband member is done randomly. 3 – 8 Don’t drink the keg, bribe someone instead! Add 1d6 to any future deal roll.

21. Mordheim University (1 P)

Once, Mordheim University aspired to be the center of learning of the Empire, as the race for the largest library intensified. The University itself was scattered amongst several buildings, many of them former small homes. The school is now in ruins, any books or articles of importance have been removed. Oddly enough though the grounds of the Botany Department still seem to be untouched. Their scholastic recruitment slogan, “Come join us at MU, you have a blast!” proved to be prophetic. An old witch still resides somewhere within.

Deal: Witches council 1 The witch curses a random member of the warband. From now on all advancement for said warband member is done randomly. 2 – 3 The witch gives harmful advice that leads the warband astray. Subtract two from their next search roll. 4 – 6 The witch is silent. Nothing happens. 7 The witch offers cryptic advice that is difficult to understand. Add one to any future deal or search roll. This may only be used once, at which point you must seek out the witches council again. 8 As with 7 only you may add two instead.

22. Nightshade (1 P)

Just east of The Pit, the Nightshade is a devastated collective ruin. One of the most dangerous areas of Mordheim

Attacker rolls for monster, 1 – 3 Monster is present. 4 – 6 Nothing happens.

23. Palace Gardens (0 P)

These lushly overgrown gardens were once the decorated walkway to the Palace. While the Palace itself sustained heavy damage by the comet, its gardens seem almost untouched. The plants here grow at an alarming rate, and mutations are starting to occur. Due to the thick canopy, the trees have completely blocked out the sun.

Controller is granted one free rest action each turn so long as they control this territory.

24. Pleasure District (1 P)

The once very prosperous Wench Alley, with its red tinged lanterns, was popular with the poor and the rich as well as locals and visitors alike. Of course there were those against these adulterous and seedy acts. Still, this lively street had a large, if quiet, backing from the town itself.

25. Quayside

A suitable name for the docks and warehouses along the Stir. At one time this area, including the Middle Bridge, was the center of all river-bound commerce of the area and its surrounding market places the envy of the Empire, and later defiled by the corrupted Trade Guilds. Now the quarter is a diabolical mockery of all that it once was. Supernatural fires still burn in many places and at night the whole area glows with a macabre orange hue.

Controller may move to any location adjacent to the river.

Attacker rolls for monster, 1 – 2 Monster is present. 3 – 10 Nothing happens.

26. Raven Barracks (1 P)

The Mordheim Guards were once housed here. The stone walls could not hold back the anger of the city. This was the last bastion of the Town Guard as the city rose up against them and their draconic measures to secure peace. Some say the Guards were simply being heavy handed in order to use fear to quell the crowds. Still others say the Town Guard appeared to smile as they swung their swords and loosed their arrows. Either way, this was their final home.

Attacker is at minus two warband size.

27. Rat Hunters – Poor Quarter (1 P)

The poor quarter, located south-west between the Temple of Morr and the River Stir, where when even before the comet, plague and hunger were the inhabitants’ constant companions. Much has changed now as the derelict hovels were mostly flattened by the impact and the rats are larger and some say bipedal

Attacker must roll for monster 1 – 4 Monster appears 5 – 6 Nothing happens.

All warbands except Skaven are at minus one size here.

Skaven may claim without fighting NPC warbands.

28. Rich Quarter (2 P)

Where the rich and famous lived and died when disaster struck. This was the rich quarter, which means there is more stuff lying around and more valuable items to be found.

Search: 1 – 2 Cave In traps two members selected at random for two rounds. 3 – 6 Nothing discovered. 7 – 9 Treasure! Add two to your next deal action. 10 Artifact discovered.

29. Rupert von Endon’s Amphitheater (1 P)

By day the Amphitheatre was a Golden Building known for its puppet shows and other plays put on by playwrights of the Empire. By Night it was known as the Blood Theatre for that was when it became host to the Gladiatorial games. Pit fighting was outlawed in the Empire, but Count Steinhardt denied it existed even though he was the regularly the Host of Honor. One of the more bizarre highlights of the Theatre would be when Hedge wizards and warlocks who had been captured in battle would be forced to fight each other in awesome magical duels.

Magic cannot be used during skirmishes at this location.

30. Sigmarheaven

This is the last bastion of hope and goodwill around Mordheim. Founded my Sigmarites, is by far the safest of all settlements as a local militia is maintained by the tithe paid by all its inhabitants. Sisters of Sigmar, Witch Hunters and human mercenaries abound here.

Good warbands controlling this area are granted a free rest action each turn so long as they maintain control. Evil warbands may instead use a special deal action explained below.

Deal: Torture the Townsfolk. 1 – 4 They die before telling you anything useful. 5 – 6 They tell you something useful before you kill them. Add one to your next search roll.

31. Statue of Count Gotthard (2 P)

This remarkable landmark once depicted a statue of Count Gotthard, founder of Mordheim and hero to its people, but was replaced by a statue of Count Steinhardt, which provoked the famous riots of 1979. Nobles and Merchants hired mercenaries to quench the rebels, and after their work was done they stayed, bullying their way around the common folk. People who witnessed the Wrath of Sigmar say that Steinhardt’s statue now appears to reflect the Count’s decadent soul.

Effect 1 Scout falls to his death. 2 – 12 Scout action automatically succeeds.

32. Steinhardt Memorial Gardens (1 P)

An eerie place of twisted trees, crumbled fountains, and blasted gardens remains in mockery of this once spectacular garden. The Undead obviously love it here… such a large graveyard will always attract its share of restless dead

Attacker must roll for monster. 1 – 2 Monster appears 3 – 10 Nothing happens.

Controller is granted one free rest action each turn so long as they control this territory.

33. Temple of Morr (1 P/ 2 P if evil.)

The acolytes of Morr tended to the gardens of the Cemetery of St. Voller from this small church. The dour faced priests had their arms and temple full from the dead they had to see to. There was no way the priests could keep up; still, they tried. Many townspeople tried to assist in the removal of bodies. Unknowingly, one of these persons was Marius Dire, a Necromancer. The priests had, unwittingly, allowed access to the dead, a person who would undermine their entire effort. Soon, one by one, the bodies rose and began to dig up the newly buried inhabitants. Marius was successful in usurping the priests. Many of the Morr priests were slaughtered, yet one did escape.

Good warbands suffer minus two to their warband size here.

34. Temple of Sigmar (1 P/ 2 P if good)

The most powerful church in the Empire belongs to Sigmar. In most cities the Temple of Sigmar is the seat of political power. In Mordheim, the Temple is practically the center of all activities. From its location it is easily accessible to the rich and poor alike. When the comet hit, the entire city was sure that the Temple was destroyed. When the smoke cleared, by the Grace of Sigmar himself, the Church and all of its spires remained standing and apparently unharmed. The Temple is the only true location of safety in the entire city. Sisters, Witch Hunters, and any other human non-evil warband that holds the Temple of Sigmar can

Evil warbands suffer a minus two to their warband size here.

35. The Devil’s Den (1 P)

This area of used to harbor many shady characters that normally resided at the Poor Quarters, along with the Rat Hunters. This area was hit the hardest when the comet arrived. The people of this area were not prepared and had the least amount of resources to lose. Many of the inhabitants of this area resorted to many despicable acts in order to survive. If anyone could control or contain the horde of people living here, they could potentially have a mob of eager followers.

Deal: 1 The mob turns on you and you must flee. Area is considered unclaimed. 2 The mob exploits the safety created and claims a random territory you control. 3 – 8 Nothing happens. 9. The mob is convinced to help you and claims any area not already controlled. May not claim the Pit or the Palace this way. If no unclaimed areas exist treat as though a 10 was rolled. 10 Select a rival warband. That warband loses a random territory.

36. The Gaol (2 P)

This is where the infamous prison once stood. Unfortunately, the men behind bars survived Sigmar’s Wrath better than their guards. Months after the disaster some are still prisoners, now mad by the trauma, and their maddening howls filled the night’s air. Other hundreds were liberated by the comet’s blast and now roam the area in violent gangs of scavengers and cannibals. To make matters worse, for years a twisted vampire had lain hidden within the cellars and vaults of the old Goal. After a pitiful self-exile, he and his coven used the holocaust as a way to bring chaos and death to all the area inhabitants.

Attacker must roll for monster 1 – 2 Monster appears. 3 – 8 Nothing happens.

37. The Pit (6 P)

A glimpse of Hell in the very heart of the Empire, this is The Pit! There are no houses nor ruins here… just desolate nightmarish rubble. This is, by far, the most dangerous part of Mordheim.

Search: 1 – 4 Swallowed by the abyss. Death to one random member. 5 – 6 Artifact found.

Defending warband is at minus one size.

Monster always present.

38. The Rock (2 P)

The main Abbey of the Sisters of Sigmar is located in a small island on the River Stir. This proud monument has not only stood for centuries, but also remained unharmed by the devastation caused by the two-tailed comet. The Rock is the only beacon of light in Mordheim, as the Sisters continue their never-ending quest against evil, undead, Chaos and criminal masterminds who constantly attempt to take their Abbey and Mordheim for their nefarious intents.

Attacker is at minus one warband size.

Sisters of Sigmar may claim without fighting NPC warbands.

39. The Shades (o P)

This dark area borders The Pit and it is almost as bad… Bretonnian Knights, who seek entrance to The Pit, make their first stance against evil here.

Attacker must roll for monster 1 – 4 Monster appears 5 – 6 Nothing happens.

40. Wizard’s Mansion (2 P)

The very walls of the Wizard’s Mansion are saturated with the magic of slain wizards. Many times strange lights and sounds have been heard coming from the tower. Of all the locales that have been looted, this is one that seems to remain untouched. The Mansion is said to be filled with many wondrous potions and magical items. Only the brave tempt the spells and wards that protect these buildings. Those that do may be brave, but they may also be dead for they are never seen again.

Deal: 1 The Wizard is angered and sends two random members of your warband far away. They can do nothing for two rounds. 2 – 3 The Wizard curses two members of your warband From now on all advancement for said warband member is done randomly. 4 – 6 The Wizard teleports your warband into enemy territory. They do not move as normal but must engage the enemy warband in a skirmish as they attempt to fight their way home. Should the warband win the territory remains under the control of the original owner. 7 – 8 The Wizard agrees to curse a random member of a rival warband. From now on all advancement for said warband member is done randomly. 9 – 10 The Wizard agrees to teleport the group to any location on the map. 11 – 12 The Wizard bends the very fabric of reality on behalf of your warband. Select two locations and the controllers trade ownership of said areas.

Attacker must roll for monster 1 – 3 Monster appears. 4 – 8 Nothing happens.

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